Power Generation Oil Purification Equipment

HENEK FPS is a leading manufacturer of high quality oil purification equipment for the power generation industry. Our complete line of oil purifiers, oil conditioners and oil polishers offers the most effective removal of contaminates from fuels and oils used in turbines, compressors, pumping systems, gear mechanisms and other equipment used by the power generation industry. Maintaining clean fuels and oils extends the life of the equipment, improves performance and reduces maintenance and equipment failure.

With over 40 years of experience, we have the application expertise to design a custom oil purification system that will meet the demanding requirements of your power generation application. The power generation industry loves our filtration systems because they help ensure power generation equipment is performing well and reduces power outage times.

Filtration Products for Power Generation

  • Turbine Oil Conditioners - HENEK's HTC Series oil conditioners are designed to provide the fastest and most effective way to purify turbine oil. Fully automated TOC systems remove water and particulate matter from turbine oil, providing complete reservoir turnover every two hours. 
  • Turbine Oil Polishers - HENEK's HTP Series allows you to achieve the highest possible levels of turbine oil purity by combining the principles of rapid water removal used in our TOC systems and the polishing characteristics of our HLV vacuum dehydrators to obtain maximum turbine oil system cleanliness. They maintain their performance in high volume operations and the harshest environments. 
  • Filter Separator Vessels - Our HFS Series of filter separator vessels provides fast, effective removal of water and particulates from fuels and light oils. 
  • Vacuum Dehydrators - HENEK's LV Lo-Vac oil purifiers provide purification of lubricating, turbine and hydraulic oils. They restore expensive oils to their original strength without removing costly additives or agitating the oil. 
  • Filter, Flush and Heat Systems - Our HSY Series of filter, flush and heat systems are custom-designed to integrate the varied product lines we offer into one piece of equipment to meet the specific requirements of your application. 
  • Filter Elements and Cartridges - HENEK manufactures a complete line of OEM replacement filter elements and cartridges.

HENEK's high quality, durable line of oil purification equipment and systems is designed to effectively remove the contaminants from fuels and oils while offering high performance, low maintenance operation, even in the toughest environments. Our custom equipment can be integrated into your processing operation, improving the performance of your operating equipment and meeting the strictest purification requirements. Due to their durable, reliable performance and long life, HENEK's line of oil purification equipment provides lower operating costs than comparable equipment.

Our value-added services include rentals, repairs, maintenance and parts for your purification equipment.

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