Vacuum Dehydration System

vacuum dehydrator oil purification system

HENEK FPS manufactures high quality vacuum dehydrator oil purification systems that provide purification of oils in industrial applications.  Backed by 40 years of design experience, our dehydration equipment is designed to offer simple operation while keeping sure your equipment is running at peak performance. Our staff has the industry knowledge and expertise to customize a vacuum dehydrator that will meet your specific needs and provide superior performance in your processing environment.  HENEK's custom solutions ensure that vacuum dehydration can be integrated into your processing operation and meet the strictest purification requirements. 

What is a vacuum dehydrator?

A vacuum dehydrator is a total water removal system designed to be online or offline for a single pass or looped set up to reservoirs or process streams to remove all free & emulsified water and upwards of 90+% of dissolved water.

Henek FPS sells vacuum dehydrator oil purification systems that operate efficiently in high volume industrial environments and is manufactured for long-lasting, low-maintenance, high performance operation. It is simple to use and is available from complete manual operation to one-switch operation. You can expect HENEK's vacuum dehydration systems to bring a high return on investment compared to other oil purifiers due to the increased efficiency of your processing equipment and lower operating costs over its lifetime.

Contact HENEK today to talk to our staff about our vacuum dehydrator oil purification systems. We can also custom design a solution to suit any oil dehydration application. 

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Vacuum Dehydrator Equipment Line

Hi-Vac Oil Purifiers

Provides purification of insulating oils for electrical applications. Restores transformer, compressor and refrigeration oils to their original strength. Our dehydrators increase the efficiency of your processing equipment while reducing production slowdowns and downtime due to equipment failure.

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Lo-Vac Oil Purifiers

Provides purification of lubricating, turbine and hydraulic oils. Restore expensive oils to their original strength without removing costly additives or agitating the oil. Our lo-vacc dehydrator offers a water removal rate of up to 2% in a single pass down to <50 PPM.

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HEV Series Econo-Vac

We designed the Econo-Vac for an economical budget without reducing performance. Our Econovac also comes with simple controls for manual operation, a NEMA 4 weatherproof electrical enclosure and is our most portable vacuum dehydrator.

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