Lo-Vac Industrial Oil Purifiers Rentals

Lo-Vac Industrial Oil Purifiers Rentals

HENEK's HLV Series oil purifiers are designed to reclaim and recondition lubricating, turbine and hydraulic oils contaminated by water, gases, particulate matter & other agents without removing costly additives or agitating the oil. HENEK proven performance removes:

  • Free and dissolve water to <50 PPM, up to 1% in a single pass
  • Particulate matter to .5 microns nominal (2.8 microns absolute)
  • Hydrocarbon light end gases and other contaminants

Specifications designed to customers needs include:

  • Flow rates range from 60 to 2,400 GPH
  • Several vacuum sources
  • Pre and post filter options
  • Operating vacuum pressure from 26 to 29 in. HG
  • Various automated electrical controls
  • NEMA 4 and 7 rated cabinets
  • Compact units available
  • Stationary or portable, rental units available
  • The right system for most every application

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