Turbine Oil Conditioners

turbine oil conditioner

HENEK's HTC Series industrial turbine oil conditioners are designed to provide the fastest and most effective way to purify turbine oil. Fully automated TOC systems remove water and particulate matter from turbine oil, providing complete reservoir turnover every two hours. Maintaining clean turbine oil extends the life of the turbine, improves performance and reduces bearing failures.

Backed by 40 years of design experience, our oil conditioners maintain their performance in high volume operations, ensuring that your turbine continues to operate at peak efficiency.

Turbine Oil Conditioner Specifications:

  • Operating flow rates from 3 to 140 gallons per minute
  • Free and emulsified water removal down to 25PPM with total water removal rates down to less than 100PPM
  • Particulate removal to ISO standards utilizing absolute rated elements

They are available in a wide range of flow rates, including variable speed.

HENEK's HTC turbine oil conditioners' reliable performance will increase the efficiency of your processing equipment while reducing production slowdowns and downtime due to equipment failure. They are designed and manufactured for long-lasting, low-maintenance, high performance operation.  They offer a high return on investment due to the increased efficiency of your processing equipment and lower operating costs for the oil polisher over its lifetime than for comparable equipment.

Our staff has the design and application knowledge and expertise to customize a turbine oil conditioner that will meet your specific needs and provide superior performance in your processing environment. HENEK's custom solutions ensure that the oil conditioner can be integrated into your processing operation and meet the strictest purification requirements.

Call HENEK today to talk to our staff about designing a custom solution for your turbine oil conditioning application. We also offer industrial turbine oil conditioners for rent.

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