Separator Vessels

separator vessels

HENEK's filter separator vessels are used to maintain efficient operation of process equipment by providing fast, effective removal of water and particulates from fuels and light oils. Clean fuel and oils ensure higher performance and lower maintenance of processing equipment, reducing production slowdowns and downtime. HENEK's high quality, durable line of separator vessels is designed to effectively remove the contaminants from fuels and oils while offering high performance, low maintenance operation, even in the toughest environments. 

HENEK's HFS Series of filter separator vessels are used for many light viscosity, low density and light interfacial tension liquids. Separation and removal of the contaminants use coalescing and gravity-setting principles. We offer compact, lightweight single stage vessels for lower flow applications and larger two stage vessels for high-flow applications up to 1400 GPM. Standard and custom models and sizes to meet your specific needs are available.

Filter Separator Vessel Specifications

  • Single stage flow rates of 12 to 75 GPM diesel and 15 to 150 GPM jet fuel
  • Two stage flow rate of 50 to 700 GPM diesel and 100 to 400 GPM jet fuel
  • Standard service pressure of 150 PSI, with higher PSI available
    • Construction to ASME standards

With over 40 years of experience, our staff has the design and application expertise to customize a filter separator vessel that will provide superior performance in your processing environment. HENEK filter separator vessels can be integrated into your processing operation, improving the performance of your operating equipment and meeting the strictest purification requirements. Due to their durable, reliable performance and long life, HENEK filter vessels provide lower operating costs than comparable equipment. 

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