Hi-Vac Oil Purifiers

high vacuum oil purification systems

HENEK FPS manufactures Hi-Vac oil purifiers for electrical fluid applications. Using proven technology developed over 40 years, our HHV Series of Hi-Vac oil purifiers provide high performance purification of insulating oils through dehydration, degasification and filtration processes. By removing even trace amounts of water, gas and particulate, our HHV oil purifiers restore transformer, compressor and refrigeration oils to their original strength without removing expensive additives.

We offer stationary or portable units with a full range of voltage, control and heater options. To learn more about the process that our machines use as well as the many options we offer, check out the HHV Series Hi-Vac Vacuum Dehydrator.

Hi-Vac Oil Purifier Specifications:

  • Water removal down to <10 PPM
  • Air and gas removal to 25% of total content
  • Particulate removal to 0.5 micron nominal
  • Operating flow rates from 30 to 3000 GPH with vacuum pump capacities up to 3000 CFM

HENEK's HHV oil purifiers are designed to meet the operational, economic and environmental needs of the electrical industry by providing reliable, efficient purification of insulating oils. Our dehydrators increase the efficiency of your processing equipment while reducing production slowdowns and downtime due to equipment failure. The reduction in waste oil reduces costs while providing an environmental benefit.

HENEK's staff has the expertise in electrical applications to design a customized Hi-Vac oil purification system that will meet your specific needs. Our Hi-Vac insulation oil purifiers are designed to operate effectively in high volume industrial environments and can be integrated into your processing operation. You can expect a high return on investment due to the increased efficiency of your processing equipment and lower operating costs for the Hi-Vac oil purifier over its lifetime than for comparable equipment.

We provide turnkey engineering and design, fabrication, manufacturing, field support and service and custom filter manufacturing for your application. Call HENEK today to talk to our sales support staff about designing a custom solution for your Hi-Vac oil purification application. 


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