Hi-Vac Insulation Oil Purifiers Rentals

High Vacuum Filtration System Rentals

HENEK's rental high vacuum oil purifiers are designed specifically to meet the operational, economic and environmental needs of the industry in purifying insulating oils. Through our industry-wide, proven dehydration, degasification and filtration processes, HENEK Manufacturing, Inc. HHI-VAC SERIES quickly and efficiently remove:

  • Free and dissolved water to < 10 PPM
  • Free and dissolved air/gases to .25% of total gas content
  • Particulate matter to .5 microns nominal (2.8 microns absolute)
  • Other contaminants using unique media designs

A wide range of unit specifications are available based on customer needs:

  • Flow rates range from 30 to 3,000 GPH
  • Vacuum pump capacity to 3,000 CFM
  • Maximum blank-off vacuum pressure to .01 MMHG (10 microns)
  • Operating vacuum pressure from .5 to 5 MMHG
  • Full range of voltage, electrical, control and heater systems
  • Stationary or portable, rental units available

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