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When Henek was first getting its start as a filter manufacturer, it formed a close friendship with the team at Gulfgate Equipment Inc.  Henek and Gulfgate worked hand-in-hand with one another all the way until Gulfgate was purchased in 2004 by a large publicaly traded company.  When the new company came on board, they began changing a lot of the things that made Gulfgate Gulfgate.  In the end, the only people left at Gulfgate were the original backbone of the company.

Flash-forward a few years later when the founding members of Gulfgate sit down with their friends at Henek, who are interested in coming together to form Henek Fluid Purity Systems.  Today, the original members of Gulfgate and the team at Henek work together to service all Gulfgate Equipment.  They have all the knowledge and all the proprietary specifications on hand to completely service, repair or refurbish your Gulfgate Equipment.

If you are looking for the most knowledgeable Gulfgate Equipment Technicians in the world, then look no further than Henek.  We are your Gulfgate Equipment Headquarters.

Gulfgate Equipment & Service

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