Filter Elements

Filter Elements

HENEK manufactures high quality replacement filter elements designed for use in HENEK fluid purification equipment and as replacement filters for OEM equipment. Manufactured to our high quality standards, HENEK filter elements are constructed using the best materials and advanced designs. They provide superior filtration, low maintenance and long life.

Our product line of filter elements includes:

  • Liquid Coalescers - Used for filtration of most oils, HENEK's HC Series is constructed of high grade aluminum. Rayon fibers impregnated with resin form the inner and outer layers, with a coalescing layer consisting of borosilicate microglass. Efficiencies range from 93% to 99.9999% at the 0.3 micron range.
    Our HC Series offers replacements for Gulfgate Equipment, Kaydon, Murphy and other manufacturers.
  • Pleated Cartridge Filters - HENEK's PC Series offers a complete line of elements constructed of phenolic resin-impregnated paper, heat cured for strength. They replace most OEM's nominal and absolute rated filters. The media is analyzed under ISO conformity standards to ensure each shipment meets the application requirements.
  • Molded Air Filters - HENEK's ME Series filters are used to filter intake air for compressors, blowers, air/gas lines, exhaust filters and guard filters for bag houses and dust collectors. They are manufactured using high quality industrial-grade air filter paper that is pleated and oven-cured during production. Rugged PVC end seals eliminate contaminated by-pass.
    The filters are replacements for most OEM molded air filters, including Baldwin, Fram, Fleetguard, Parker, Donaldson, Facet, Filtration Specialist, Inc. and Royal Filters.
  • Dust Collectors - HENEK's AF Series is a low-cost replacement dust collector for most OEM brands. It is recommended for a wide range of applications, including filtering dry, coarse particulate, powder coating and grinding. Our scientific blend of cellulose and find synthetic fiber offer strength and long product life during demanding operations.
    The filters are replacements for most OEM dust collectors, including Baldwin, Fram, Fleetguard, Parker, Donaldson, Filtration Specialist, Inc., Refilco and Royal Filters.
  • Water Removal - HENEK's PW Series of filters efficiently removes water and particulates from petroleum products. The elements absorb the water from the petroleum and chemically lock it in. They are ideal for use for filtering lubricating oil, hydraulic oil and fuel systems.
    PW Series filters are replacements for most OEM water removal filters, including Baldwin, Fram, Fleetguard, Parker, Donaldson, Facet, Hilco and Royal Filters.

HENEK filter elements are designed and manufactured for long-lasting, low-maintenance, high performance operation. Due to their durable, reliable performance and long life, HENEK filter elements provide lower operating costs than comparable elements.

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