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Service Technician

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Service Technician

Purpose: To evaluate troubleshoot and repair defective electro-mechanical equipment by various means as well as make new equipment ready for field use by the customer.

Essential Duties:

• Must be able to evaluate, troubleshoot and repair problems quickly and efficiently

• Consistently demonstrate ability to read electrical drawings as well as use them to solve problems               

• Ability to think on your feet under stressful conditions

• Install new parts to old units to bring them up to industry standards

• Assemble and install pump and motor assembly

• Consistently demonstrate the understanding on how the equipment works      

• Comply with all regulatory compliances/standards

• Interface with customers and other team members productively and share information as required

• Follow all company policies, procedures and safety rules

• Maintain work area in a clean and orderly condition

• Perform other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:

• High School Diploma

• 2 years electro-mechanical experience preferred

• 1 year experience in electrical background preferred

• Ability to read and interpret basic drawings and specifications for electrical and mechanical components

• Ability to read and interpret voltage and amp meters

• Ability to drive forklift

• Ability to use hand tools proficiently, such as: clamps, drill, tap, grinder, impact wrench, ratchet, spanner, caulking gun, torque wrench, pipe wrench, welding, threading, pliers, air tools, electric tools and hydraulic tools

Desired Qualifications: *Experience with repairing vacuum dehydration equipment both large and small * Self-motivated and self-directed individual qualities * Works well with deadlines * Works well in a team environment 

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